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Workplace Security

Workplace violence is on the rise in the United States.  Very often in the news, you hear of major incidents including weapon violence against employers or other employees.  This type of violence is often under reported within the media, and frequently, these incidents are battery assaults on other staff members.  As an employer, it is important to provide a safe workplace for your employees.  Bear Creek Security & Investigations specialize in workplace violence security, and provide unarmed/armed security and off duty law enforcement officers for these events.  Our company works with you constantly during these events to assess your needs to protect you from liability.  Depending on your specific job, our employees have either uniforms, plain clothes, business casual, or business dress.

We also provide specialized services for executive security, including drivers, travel, and helicopter services.  

Contact us today to keep your workplace safe from violence. As always, we offer many cost effective options for your specific needs.