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Background Investigation

There are many reasons that someone may want to have a background investigation performed on an individual.  Some examples of these include dating, spouse, tenants, employment and candidates for positions of trust.  Bear Creek Security & Investigations uses state of the art technology and software for these background investigations. 

Many online sites offer "background" checks for free or low costs.  There are many reasons to avoid using these services while making decisions about people and their character.  Many of these sites provide limited sources of information, are not updated frequently, provide no verification and have no accountability.  

Contact us today for your background investigation needs.  We provide affordable rates, and offer discounts for corporations and businesses that repeatedly need our services.

Criminal Arrest Records

Incarceration Records

Sex Offender Records

Litigation/Court Records

Driving and Vehicle Records

Education Records

Employment Records

Financial Information

Professional Licensing

Military Records

Interpersonal Interviews